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Medical decision support system for COVID-19 triage

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Why Choose Humath-Curie?

Tele-radiology system that supports medical decision-making for the detection of covid-19, through an artificial intelligence model based on X-ray and CT images. The system has already been tested in more than 3000 real Colombian images and validated by a medical team of more than 15 specialists in the area.

Clinically validated

First system clinically validated in feasibility, retrospective and prospective studies

Regulatory based design

Designed considering the regulatory pathway and requirements

AI powered

Artificial Intelligence model for COVID-19 detection through X ray and CT scan images

Main features

This device is a prioritization system for exclusive use to support and support clinical decisions and does NOT correspond to a diagnostic system that substitutes clinical criteria, nor the radiologist's interpretation as established by law.

This device provides information that can be useful in characterizing lung abnormalities during image interpretation. The system will consist of two sets of models for the segmentation, diagnosis and detection of lung involvement.

Models for lung segmentation will produce masks of two kinds at the pixel level of the images where the lung region area is detected and are used for image segmentation.

The diagnostic model set will take the segmented X-ray and tomography images of each patient and will produce a binary diagnosis of COVID-19 compromise and a probability of compromise.

In the case of radiographs, this model will also provide us with information on the location of lesions such as a heat map from which a percentage of lesion is calculated.


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